Heyla is a community smartphone app about road safety, allowing to prevent and alert about the risks caused by vehicles with failure or unprepared for the road.

The facts

Many vehicles show lighting failures and other obvious malfunctions (lamps broken, pneumatics under-inflated, etc.). Nowadays, vehicles are brought to a garage for maintenance every 2 years in average (every 20 to 35000 km).

The frequency is comparable with the technical inspection, many drivers do not take care of their vehicles between the services.

Regularly, some vehicles lose components that become obstacles on the roadway (hubcap and many other components, loads improperly fixed, products that fall-down…). It is difficult to inform the other vehicles when these events happen.

Our ambition

To reduce the number of road incidents and accidents:

  • By easily releasing adequate information to the receiver (car owner most often),
  • Without any subscription constraint, neither actions to access to the message,
  • Whatever the vehicle registration number (cars, trucks, motorcycles, bus), owned by private people or professional companies,
  • Whatever the vehicle age,
  • While respecting safety road rules related to the smartphone use.

To reduce the possible incivilities (when leaving after shocking a car on a car-park in front of an eyewitness, abandoned cars, etc.).

Our solution

Our solution is a mobile application that allows you to inform vehicles of a defect (stop lamps burned out), a danger (improperly secured cargo), a trouble (car parked on the road that hamper maintenance works).

Obviously the app is free of charge for both message sender and recipient.


Follow our news on this site to discover our solution in details in the coming months and download our application as soon as it is available.